WRG has several regional groups who may be interested in holding weekend working parties to help your project.  Such requests can be submitted throughout the year, either direct to the groups concerned or via Head Office, where we can circulate any requests.  Most of the regional groups plan their work schedule some way in advance, so it is best to ask early.

What do i need to plan?

  • Accommodation - This is vital to hold a weekend dig. It needs to be large enough to be able to cater for 20 people with a decent kitchen. Remember when looking for accommodation you need to ask one simple question: Would I want to sleep here?
  • Work - The weekend dig needs suitable work for the regional groups and enough to keep everyone busy. Discuss with the dig organiser the work and decide an achievable target. Make sure you have some over spill jobs to hand incase the work is completed. 

Are you confident in hosting a weekend dig?

Have you got a restoration project that would benefit from a solid weeks work of up to 18 volunteers?

Visit our 'Hosting a Canal Camp' page to find out more.