Essex WRG

Essex WRG started , like most of the other groups, to work on their local threatened waterway; in this case, the Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation.  Essex WRG now works all over southern England, with occasional forays into South Wales and the Midlands. A particular favourite is Foxton Inclined Plane ... so if you want to work on a unique historic site, you know where to come.

Essex WRG now have members in Northants and Milton Keynes, and all parts of Hertfordshire and Essex.  There is a lower age limit of  18 years old for our volunteers (due to the nature of our work and insurance requirements). Several of our regulars are retired. There is no upper age limit but after the age of 70 your doctor has to pass you fit for such work.

Jobs on site can include hedge laying, dry stonewalling, scrub clearance, and making the tea! Accommodation is usually in village halls, scout huts or community centres – bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping mat/airbed.

Volunteers will need to bring their own wellies or boots with steel toe-caps, and usually have their own hard hats – but these and any other safety equipment will be provided.

A nominal charge is made to cover food and expenses (approx £8 for a weekend). Most people make their own way to 'digs', but it is often possible to arrange lifts, or to pick people up from local bus or rail stations.

Upcoming Dig Dates

3rd/4th June - Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation

2nd/3rd September - Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation

2rd/3rd December - Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation