Organising a weekend dig doesnt have to be intimidating or scary in the least. As long as you get all the  deatils clear before the weekend everything should all go to plan.

Below is a checklist that covers all the points you need to look into prior and during your weekend dig.

Getting started

Before you advertise your dig you need to:

  • Get hold of the dig deep organiser and discuss the work involved
  • Make sure you know where the accommodation is and that you are happy with it (ask around if you personally haven't used it before)
  • Check the time you can access and have to leave the accommodation
  • Find out where the nearest public transport, supermarket and pub are.
  • How many people do you need? Do you need anyone with a specific skill set such as brick layers, digger drivers etc
  • What tools do you need for the weekend?
  • Do you need the local coordinator to hire any equipment in?
  • Have you organised someone who is happy to cook for the weekend?
  • Who will be driving the minibus/organising kit
  • Do you have a wet weather plan just in case?

Now you need to send out an email to the regional groups mailing list to see who is interested.

Next Steps...

Prior to the Dig

On the weekend