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About Us

WRG's Bit In The Middle regional group draws membership from anywhere which isn't covered by other groups, and even some who are! We have members from as far afield as Kent, Devon and North Wales, although most are from the home counties.

WRG BITM work on a wide variety of sites, based mainly around central and southern England, within easy travelling distance of the M1, M4, M5, M6 quadrangle; although we have been known to venture beyond.  (We've often visited both Chichester and Grantham.)

WRG BITM have a working party once a month with between fifteen and twenty volunteers converging on a village hall on the Friday evening, ready to spend the weekend getting dirty, sometimes wet, and very tired. Oh and occasionally going to the pub too.


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17th/18th October
Maidenhead Waterways - Bray Cut