WRG North West

Read the latest North West WRG News and the latest Paperchase News.

WRG NW is based in Manchester and, as well as organising  working weekends, they also raise lots of money to fund their work by means of 'Paperchases' - waste paper collections. This might well be the most fun you can have in Crumpsall on a wet Saturday in February, but the fish & chips and broken biscuits lunch afterwards is pretty good and is subsidised for those who turn up to work - free for first-timers.  Newcomers are very welcome to both the working weekends and the paperchases - please get in touch if you are interested.

WRG NW holds ad-hoc (committee type) meetings approximately every two months to discuss the working parties, sales stands and paperchases.  If you would like to come along, please see the details on the ad-hoc page.

BOOK STUFF - contact John Foley if you can help

Book storage. Anyone have a spare cupboard or Garage in the North Manchester area?  John is still looking for easily accessible space for a couple of dozen boxes.

Paper storage. Anyone have a pensioned-off wheelie-bin or similar for John to use for between Paperchase storage?

Waterways World. Still looking for a copy of the August 1988 issue – we already have a copy of the article we want but need an original.

And just a reminder! Just what is happening to all those lovely Mills and Boon books people used to give us by the dozen? We have a very good customer for them and he's losing faith in us, so please talk nicely to any closet M&B reader you know and offer to make space on their shelves. Any age or condition, especially the older editions.