North West Dig Dates & Information

WRG (NW) digs 2019 - unless otherwise stated, please contact Ju Davenport for all digs information and bookings:

14/15 September - Hollinwood Canal - contact Mike Chase

Work includes tirforing and scrub bashing. 
Meet at Daisy Nook carpark (postcode:  M35 9WJ).
No formal accommodation but please contact Mike if you are not local as he might be able to arrange something for you.

5-6 October - Shrewsbury & Newport - contact Ju Davenport

Work will include clearing the canal of branches, tirforing stumps and general brush cutting. 

The site may have a chainsaw on site and use of brush cutters and hedge cutters.
Would anyone like to cook? The hall has a fantastic kitchen.
Accommodation is at Uffington village hall Church lane SY4 4SQ 
If anyone wants to use machinery and has a ticket for it, please ensure you take it with you.
Is anyone going a first aider?

2-3 November - Bonfire Bash - centrally booked

15 November (provisional) - Stockport

December - TBA - Christmas meal on Saturday night


Whether or not you need a lift, please let the Ju Davenport (See WRG NW Contact Us) know that you're going, so that meals and accommodation can be organised in advance.

Transport to weekend digs can usually be arranged from Manchester, leaving on a Friday evening (often about 7:30 pm from Failsworth or City Centre). WRG transport is FREE.

The cost of food is usually £10 for a full weekend (2 Breakfast, 2 Lunches and 1 Evening Meal) or £2 for a single meal. Accommodation is FREE, but usually quite basic.

Please note that dates shown as Jan 1-2, say, signify a weekend camp with accommodation, whereas Jan 1/2 signifies two 1-day digs without accommodation.  If anyone needs accommodation for local (to Manchester) digs, this can usually be arranged - please let us know.