WRG North West Sales Stand

Outings of the Sales Stand represent a source of income and the principal opportunity to publicise our cause. We visit a variety of events throughout the summer and extra hands are always useful in setting up, manning and taking down the stand.

Contact Roger Evans for further information. Donations of books and other typical car boot sale type goods are welcome at any time.

WRG North West Sales Stand Outings 2020

Unfortunately, all of the events which WRGNW were due to attend in the Spring and early summer have been cancelled.

WRGNW attended the events below in 2019:

Gorton Monastery - 28 April

Blackley Forest - 22 June

IWA Festival of Water - Waltham Abbey - 24/26 August

Do you have surplus books?  Let us have them they will help raise money for WRG by:
1.  Sales direct to WRG members and contacts
2.  Sales on the WRG North West sales stall
3.  Sales to second hand bookshops
We take anything - hardback, paperback, fiction, non-fiction, brand new or falling apart, learned tomes or ephemera.
Everything sorted book by book, so just give us the lot!

Waterway magazines?  We are looking for an original copy of the August 1988 edition of Waterways World - does anyone have one?

We are also especially looking for any Mills & Boon books as we have a reliable outlet for them.

How to get books to us:

☺  At one of our ‘digs’ or a canal event attended by the sales stall.

☺  Occasionally we can collect – this depends on distances, quantity, timing etc.

The appearance of a book can make a big difference to a dealer's willingness to buy, so we are again looking for someone, or someones (is there such a word?) to do some regular minor cosmetic work on books received as donations at our waste paper collections. This would be mainly dusting, cleaning off price labels, rubbing out pencil marks, and generally making the books presentable. No bookbinding skills are needed.

For no-obligation discussion, contact John Foley

For contact details please visit our contact us page.