Driver Authorisation - Roles

This page gives detail of roles in the Driver Authorisation Scheme.

Local Co-ordinators

It is important that the information given in a Driver Authorisation application is not only comprehensive but also accurate, appropriate and consistent. Whereas volunteers who dig with WRG will usually be known by WRG's assessment panel, those that work with other organisations for whom IWA arranges insurances, and which use the WRG Driver Authorisation Scheme, will need an additional level of verification.  We ask these organisations to appoint a local co-ordinator to check over each application.

The local co-ordinator should:
1) Encourage as much detail as possible for all applications*,
1) Ensure that the evidence is accurate and appropriate,
2) Ensure that any documents referred to are attached and, where necessary, authenticated,
3) Ensure that descriptions across all their societies applications are reasonably consistent.

Please note we are not asking the local co-ordinator to rate the volunteers ability; that is the job of WRG's assessment panel.  However, a local coordinators's countersignature will be taken to imply that the volunteer has an acceptable attitude to site Health and Safety and is suitable for working on volunteer restoration sites.

Once the local coordinator is satisfied with an application, they should countersign the application and forward it to Head Office.  All such organisation's applications should be routed via their local coordinator - any forms that go directly to Head Office will be returned to the local coordiantor for checking and countersignature.

* In particular words such as 'regular', 'continuous' and 'considerable' should be avoided. Monthly or every weekend or over 10,000 miles a year give a much better impression of the volunteers experience.

This list shows the local co-ordinators currently notified to WRG by the organisations listed:

Group Co-ordinator
Basingstoke Canal Society Jeff Hill
Chesterfield Canal Trust David Kiddy
Chichester Ship Canal Trust Dudley Pound
Cotswold Canals Trust Jon Pontefract
Grantham Canal Society Colin Bryan
Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Trust Brian Fox
IWA Ipswich Martin Bird
KESCRG Stephen Davis
NWPG Graham Hawkes
Wey & Arun Canal Trust Ken Bacon
Wilts & Berks Canal Trust George Eycott

Licence Authenticators

For certain classes of authorisation (use of vehicles or plant on the public highway) insurers require us to keep an authenticated copy of the volunteer's driving licence, as proof that the licence has been checked, to ensure it is 'clean', at least once per annum.

Authenticated means that the copy must be signed and dated as a true copy of their current driving licence by an appointed person.

Please note:
1) We require all relevant parts of the licence, so for photocards we require photocopies of both sides of the photocard plus the paper supplement.

2) The signature (with printed name please) and date should be across all pages of the photocopy but should not obscure any details.

Although this seems a minor task it is vital that it is undertaken in a responsible manner. Failure to disclose details of a licence could invalidate a claim and so it is essential the original document is seen and checked.  All local co-ordinators are allowed to authenticate copies, as are members of the WRG Board and officers of WRG regional groups. Certain other officers may also be appointed for local societies.  Your work party organiser should know your nearest licence authenticator, and a full list of licence authenticators (in addition to those listed above) is given below.  Licence authenticators may not authenticate their own licence.


Group Authenticator
WRG All WRG Board Members
WRG Alan Lines
WRG Roger Evans
WRG John Gale
WRG Tony Hinsley
WRG Martin Ludgate
WRG Gavin Moor
WRG Dave Wedd
WRG Alison Bottomley
WRG Bex Parr
KESCRG Eddie Jones
NWPG Bill Nicholson
WRG BITM Simon Walker
Wilts & Berks Canal Trust Tim Lunt
Wilts & Berks Canal Trust Doug Harris
Wilts & Berks Canal Trust Bob Howlett
Wilts & Berks Canal Trust Rachael Banyard
Wilts & Berks Canal Trust John Bower
Wilts & Berks Canal Trust Mike Maidment
Wilts & Berks Canal Trust Chris Forward
Wilts & Berks Canal Trust Dave Warren
Wilts & Berks Canal Trust Roy Murrell
Wilts & Berks Canal Trust

Malcolm Henderson

Wooden Canal Boat Society Kevin Hatton