Introduction to the Driver Authorisation Scheme

WRG's insurers, as well as Health & Safety law, require that sites are managed responsibly, and that those operating plant and vehicles have approprite skills and training. The Driver Authorisation Scheme is the tool that is used to satisfy this requirement.  The scheme is also used by some other organisations for whom IWA arranges insurance.

The Driver Authorisation Scheme card is neither a 'driving licence' nor a certificate of competence. 

Volunteers who wish to operate defined categories of vehicles and plant (and to instruct others) apply to the WRG Board for authorisation.  This authority, if granted, simply shows that they have been duly trained, assessed and authorised to use the named plant and / or vehicles specified (and, where instructor status is granted, that they are authorised to instruct others in the use of plant and / or vehicles, and that they may, when satisfied of a trainee's ability, issue them with a temporary operator's authority).

This authorisation scheme applies to the following categories - click here for list.  Items of plant which do not fall into any of these categories should be requested separately.  You may only apply for authorisation on categories in which you have experience for, or have satisfactorily completed basic competence training.  If you are applying for instructor status, you must have considerable experience for the category.  For each category for which you apply, you should give full details of how and when the experience of training was obtained.

The authorisation card and your driving licence (when on the public highway) must be carried at all times when you are using equipment.  If you are only approved for operator status, you are not entitled to train others in the use of such equipment; neither may you give them permission to operate it.

How to Apply