Other Equipment

Equipment governed by WRG's Driver Authorisation Scheme, but not in a category

Some items of plant that are not in regular use are covered by WRG's Driver Authorisation Scheme but do not have a specific category.  These include:

  • Loading shovels (the general guidance is that front end of a JCB is acceptable but the exact nature of the job, machine and operator should be carefull assessed - refer to Head Office if unsure.

Equipment NOT governed by WRG's Driver Authorisation Scheme

Many items of site equipment are not governed by WRG's Driver Authorisation Scheme.  A list of such equipment is shown below.

Please note that the Driver Authorisation Scheme operates in parallel with legislation, and just because an item is not covered by the scheme does not absolve any operator or leader of any obligations they have under Health and Safety law. In particular all work equipment is covered by PUWER, LOLER regulations and the Health & Safety at Work Act, and so everyone has a responsibility towards ensuring that all operations are carried out safely.  People should always be properly trained in an activity before they undertake it.

  • Unpowered equipment/ hand tools (slashers, bowsaws etc)
  • Power tools (such as angle grinders and other workshop equipment) - including air, hydraulic and electric power
  • Radial cutting saws (such as Shtil Saw)
  • Site equipment (such as concrete mixers, breakers, portable generators)
  • Strimmers (or clearing saws or brushcutters) where not attached to an item of plant
  • Chainsaws
  • Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Trip Boats (for all operations regarding trip boats, individual arrangements need to be made with insurers via Head Office)
  • Whacker Plates

If you have any questions on whether an item of equipment is governed by the scheme or not, please contact WRG at da@wrg.org.uk or 01494 783 453.