Look after the Environment

It is important to take the environment into consideration before you start restoring canals and waterway structures as well as creating new waterway links. Work can be undertaking whilst enhancing and preserving wildlife. 

This section of the WRG website aims to make volunteers and canal restoration societies aware of what to look out for on their canal as well as making sure, once you start work, that you continue to plan your work to ensure the environment around you is protected.

  • Environmental considerations before you start restoring your canal and once you get on site.

  • Dredging Guidance Note (PDF) -  Dredging is essential for maintaining and promoting navigation of the inland waterways. IWA has put together this guidance note to give restoration groups a starting point to begin undertaking their own dredging activity.
  • Biosecurity Advice - Best practice guidelines for reducing the risk of invasive species, diseases or harmful organisms spreading along our waterways.

Do you have trees to be cleared from your canal restoration project? Contact WRG's Forestry Team.

*Environmental Pages under Construction*