Bats and canal restoration

When planning restoration projects or enhancement works it is important to consider if the site could potentially house a bat roost. Bat surveys can be undertaken to assess a site for presence, activity, roosting and abundance.  Projects and activity on waterways can directly interfere with bats, such work includes bridge demolition/restoration, tree felling, brick work and scrub bashing.  These can destroy roosts, remove commuting routes and impact foraging areas.

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Typical restoration site in the CotswoldsPhoto: Cotswold Canals restoration site

Reporting Protected Species

You should record the presence of protected species on a national database. This can done by contacting the local Statutory Nature Conservation Organisation (SNCO).  Alternatively you can record online at the National Biodiversity Network. You should also alert the appropriate land owner, council and or management body to the presence and location of this species.

If you encounter or believe that there are bats present on a site where work is being conducted contact the Bat Conservation Trust or your Local Bat Group for advice and guidance on what should be the next steps you take.