Basic Tree Saftey Survey Guidance


A basic tree safety survey is undertaken to assess potential hazards to people or structures from trees. This guidance is aimed at providing our volunteers with a very basic understanding of the processes involved when conducting tree surveys. The information should only be used as supplementary data to assess the risks from trees to a  restoration site and the volunteers working on them. For a more in-depth safety survey contact your local arborist.

A methodical approach to assessing the risk of trees on a restoration site is best. Below is the process in which surveys should be undertaken:

1. Preliminaries and consultation
2. Scope of the survey
3. Planning and preparation
4. Tree risk management
5. Tree Assessment
6. Reporting

Oak TreePhoto: Large oak with signs of failure throughout the tree

Further Guidance

More information regarding the necessity of tree safety can be found from the Forestry Commission's National Tree Safety Group


For advice on hazardous trees on your restoration site, contact Alex Melson at


Tree Survey Form

Example Risk Assessment

OPAL Tree Identification Guides