In order to drive a dumper of any category you must first be trained by one of WRG’s Instructors who holds the Driver Authorisation (DA) Instructor status. Volunteers who wish to operate defined categories of plant (and to instruct others) apply to the WRG Board for authorisation.  This authority, if granted, simply shows that they have been duly training, assessed and authorised to use the named plant and / or
vehicles specified 

Dumper Categories


23 Tracked Dumpers
24 Rear Steer Dumpers

Articulated Steer Forward Tipping Dumper


Rear Tipping Wheeled Dumpers

At the start of your day

  • Read the manual and safety notices attached
  • Wear Appropriate PPE (Gloves and Hard Hat)
  • Check the site and job specification
  • Check that you are familiar with the dumpers controls.
  • If you are working near water, along a towpath and near  the public you must take extra care.


  • Fluid levels and tyre check.
  • Check for leaks and loose bolts, belts, etc
  • Allow machine to cool before refuelling.
  • Fuel up at the end of day (prevents
    condensation and allows crud to settle).
  • Grease up at end of day (more important on machines that are not used heavily!)


  • Always know your machine
  • Check the brakes before driving down a slope
  • If there is a problem with the dumper do not use it and make sure it gets checked by a competent person.
  • When loading make sure the engine is turned off and you are not sitting on the dumper.  Never overload your dumper.
  • Be aware of crush zones
  • Always wear your seatbelt


  • Check your brakes before you need them not once you are halfway down a slope.
  • Always check your dumper prior to driving it...oil etc
  • You must have been signed off by a wrg instructor and have your WRG DA card in order to operate the machinery with the correct category.

Golden Rules:

  • The suitability of a dumper for the task must be taken into consideration. There are a number of models available and this should be considered. Hi-skip models are rarely suitable for a restoration site.
  • As operator you have a responsibility to ensure safe operation.
  • If in doubt about the safety of any dumper operation then don’t do it.


Narrow Dumpers are  no longer allowed on WRG sites and are not counted as part of WRGs DA scheme


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