WRG Health & Safety Policy

It is the policy of The Inland Waterways Association (WRG) in the conduct of its activities to ensure that all reasonable and practicable safeguards are taken for the safety and welfare of all employees, volunteer workers and visitors who are likely to be involved. This is not only for the benefit of such employees, volunteer workers and visitors but also to minimise pollution of the environment where possible.

Accident prevention has to have priority in all aspects of the Association’s work. The Association therefore ensures that so far as it possibly can, all conditions in which its employees, members and any others are involved are both healthy and safe.

The Association makes the maximum effort to see that all supervisory staff and others in authority observe the Association’s policy in matters of health and safety. The same is expected and required from its members, voluntary workers, and any person employed by it, at all times. To encourage this, the Association places great emphasis on the availability of both adequate and efficient safety equipment, training, documentation and management.

Trustees have overall responsibility for the implementation of this policy. Additionally due to the diverse nature of the Association’s activities, each part of the organisation will put in place systems appropriate to the nature of the personnel and complexities of the activities being carried out. At all levels, this will include items such as:

• A clear statement of responsibilities
• Provision for communication of health and safety matters
• Appropriate instruction, training and supervision
• Appointment of appropriate competent persons
• Arrangements for review and improvement of performance.

Whilst engaged in any activity or associated with it in any way, employees, volunteer workers and visitors are urged in their own interest and that of their colleagues to observe health and safety standards and in no way to jeopardise the high standard required by the Association. Full co-operation and communication throughout the organisation, whether on site or otherwise, must therefore be maintained. Any matter which those participating in any activity consider may be a danger to either health or safety should be brought to the notice of their supervisor at the earliest opportunity.

This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that it remains effective in terms of the Association’s structure and activities.