Practical Restoration Handbook

The purpose of the Practical Restoration Handbook (PRH) is very simple. It is to stop everybody having to re- invent the wheel(barrow).

The authors of the chapters come from a range of organisations and from professional and experienced people within the waterways restoration movement.  Every care has been taken in the compilation and checking of the information contained in the handbooks. However, the WRG/IWA cannot accept any liability for the accuracy of the statements in the Handbook or omissions there from and readers are recommended to seek professional advice on specific proposals or problems.

1. Introduction

2. Health & Safety - Section 1 Site Aspects [under review]

3. Health & Safety - Section 2 Personal Safety & Insurance [under review]

4. Health & Safety - Guidance on Construction (Design & Management Regulations) 2015  [updated 2018]

5. Health & Safety - Section 4 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) [under review]

(Note: no COSHH documentation for lime, one here )

6. Site Management

7. Leadership Skills

8. Plant

9. Vehicles & Trailers

10. Hand Tools - Use, Care & Maintenance

11. Vegetation Clearance

12. Towing Paths

13. Bank Protection

14. Excavators - Safe Operation in Canal Restoration

15. Demolition & Scaffolding

16. Brickwork

17. Concreting

18. Dewatering


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