Hosting a Canal Camp in 2020

Waterway Recovery Group is now looking for waterway restoration projects that would benefit from a Canal Camp(s) in 2020.

The first stage of the process invites canal societies, trusts and waterway groups to express their interest in hosting a Canal Camp.  We appreciate that many of the details depend on funding and many other variables, so we understand if a definite proposal cannot be made.  However, we would like to hear from you at this stage if you would like to be considered for a Canal Camp .

We would also be pleased to discuss possibilities with you; please contact me directly, details below, as soon as possible so that we can arrange a site visit.

In order to arrange site visits for any potential sites WRG need final submissions for Canal Camps by 25th October 2019 for camps in 2020. 

To help us get a better picture of the proposed work please include:

  • A description of the work

  • Any plans, details of permissions and funding

  • Any photos of the site

  • Details of potential accommodation for the WRG volunteers

The WRG Board will plan the Canal Camps Schedule for 2020 on 2nd November 2019.

For more information on Canal Camps:
Where do I start?
What do I need?
Canal Camp Accommodation

You can find all this and more  in our ‘So you want to host a canal camp’ document, which highlights what is involved in hosting a Canal Camp - Hosting a Canal Camp

You can also complete your application online here - Online Application

Alternatively if you are interested in WRG supporting your Waterway Festival please read WRG at Small Festivals Document (Trailboat & Campaign Rallies).

If you have further questions, please call 01494 783 453 ext 607 or email Alex Melson.

Host a Canal Camp -WRG Working Holiday

In addition to Canal Camps, we also have several regional groups which may be interested in holding weekend working parties to help your project.  Such requests can be submitted throughout the year, either direct to the groups concerned or via Head Office, where I can circulate any requests.  Most of the regional groups plan their work schedule well in advance, so it is best to ask early.