Requirements for WRG Accommodation

Good quality accommodation is essential to a volunteer’s enjoyment of a Camp. Here is a brief guide to things to think about when hiring accommodation for your camp. Remember: If you wouldn't want to stay there, neither will our volunteers. 

What we are really looking for is a warm, dry building with reasonable kitchen facilities, toilets and wash basins, with hot and cold running water.

1. Types of Accommodation you could look at;

  • Schools
  • Sports Halls
  • Village Halls
  • Outdoor pursuit centres

2. Sleeping arrangements

It should be large enough for all beds to be laid out, possessions to be spread out (work on about 70 square feet of floor per volunteer), and tables and chairs to be put out all simultaneously.

3. We need Exclusive usage

The accommodation will be the home of the volunteers for the period of the event. We need exclusive use of the area we are occupying. This means we must have a closed area, locked by key, to which people only have access by agreement. This could be a part of a building, but for that part we must have our own access, and the access to the remainder of the building must be totally independent and not be through our area

4. Parking

A suitable area for parking vehicles belonging to both the individual volunteers as well as the WRG vans and trailers is essential. This should ideally be next to the hall and should be secure.

5. Kitchen

The kitchen needs to have;

  • A decent domestic sized cooker, with four rings, grill, and an oven that will take a large turkey tin, in full working order.
  • Standard electric plug points for kettles and Burco water boiler
  • A reasonable working surface for food preparation and serving.
  • The sink should have both hot and cold water, and a decent draining board
  • Enough space for the WRG Fridge and Freezer

6. Toilet Facilities

Toilets must be provided inside the accommodation, and must have lights and hand washing facilities. At least two gents’ and two ladies’ toilets are desirable, though the more toilets the better. Basins should be large enough to get both hands in at once! Basins need to be accessible at all times for washing, and so should not be located within toilet cubicles

7. Showers

Naturally all our volunteers need regular access to showers throughout a camp. If the hall does not have showers, then alternatives must be arranged. This could be liasing with a local leisure centre to allow us to use their facilities or hiring in a portable shower unit with a minimum of two male and two female showers. This is preferable due to the time saving factor.

8. Heating

It is vital that the accommodation has some form of heating

9. Flooring

The floor is very important to our volunteers: it is their bed! It should therefore be fairly level, and preferably not made of concrete as this is very cold and hard to sleep on as well as having a tendency to “sweat”, making bedding damp. The floor should also be clean and free from oily patches etc.

10. Administration

We provide our volunteers with details of the accommodation well in advance of the camp, to give them ample time to make travel arrangements. We therefore require you to supply, at least three months before the camp, the full postal address of the accommodation, as well as accurate local maps with accompanying directions (preferably checked by someone unfamiliar with the area!) showing the location of both the accommodation and the work site.

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Useful Information

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Remember if you have any questions please contact Head Office.

WRG's Regional Groups

In addition to Canal Camps, we also have several regional groups who may be interested in holding weekend working parties to help your project.  Such requests can be submitted throughout the year, either direct to the groups concerned or via Head Office. Most of the regional groups plan their work schedule some way in advance, so it is best to ask early.