Surplus WRG Plant Equipment

Update - More Items Available

Following the success of the previous disposal list, here are some more items that are available. Collection to be arranged from Stockport or Swindon area by arrangement with Bungle. Priority will be given to those that missed out last time and is not first come first served. All expressions of interest to Bungle by Friday 11th March please.

As you may know, at one time WRG had a fleet of pumps and other equipment that was loaned out and used on camps.  Over the years most of this equipment has reached the end of its life and with the notable exception of the new excavator, a few dumpers and some other miscellaneous odds and ends, the plant loan aspect has all but come to an end.

However, nestled in a container "oop North" are a number of items that may find a useful home on a canal restoration site.  Rather than scrap them or try and sell them, we would rather they went to a good home.  So for bona fide waterway restoration charities we are pleased to offer the following items free of charge. 

Lot 1. Dumper wheel and tyre.

Tyre size is 7.50 x 16. 5 stud wheel fixing. Tyre may be useable short term but really you are getting a wheel!


Lot 2. Dumper wheel and tyre.

Tyre size is 10.5 x 18. Tyre may be usable short term.


Lot 3. LandRover wheel and tyre.

I wouldn't trust this tyre for high speed road use based purely on its age and the fact it is a crossply so unlikely to match the other tyres on a vehicle. Tyre is a 7.50 x 16. Although it is old it looks virtually unused so ideal for a site trailer that uses LandRover wheels.


Lot 4. Dumper Wheel and tyre.

Tyre size is 6.00 x 16.

Tyre looks good at first glance but it is old.

Lot 4a

Lot 5. Selection of Turnbuckles.

Note Phil Scot’s hand is not included, just shown for scale.

Lot 5a

Lot 6. Variety of pump/pipe fittings.

We have a load of BSP and Bauer fittings to suit layflat and rigid pipe. We particularly want to find good homes for the 6” Bauer variety as we don’t actually have any 6” pumps.

We also have a smaller selection of 4”, 3” and 2” fittings.

No pictures and at the moment they are all in a heap at the back of the container, but if you let us know exactly what you need we can see if we can help.

Bear in mind that a 6” male and female pair of Bauer couplings cost the thick end of £150 we will not be entertaining people who say “We will take everything”, we want to spread the value around the canal restoration community

Lot 7. Morris Chain Hoists.

Two were listed last time, we may have a home for one but one is still available. To be clear, these do not comply with modern lifting regulations so would suit a museum or similar.

Lot 7a

Lot 8. Yanmar Petrol 750w Generator

Starts, runs, makes power.

Lot 8a

Please click on any of the pictures to view a larger image (opens in a new window).

For more details on any of the items please email George Eycott.