Age Limits on Canal Camps

WRG’s Canal Camps are open to anyone aged over 18.

Occasionally WRG will accept bookings volunteers aged 17 but this will only be on a case by case basis, and if the work is deemed to be suitable. Approval must also be gained from both the WRG Board AND the Canal Camp Leader.

There is no upper age limit for volunteers but please note the following:

Additional Information on Insurance for Volunteers:

Upper Age Restrictions
In terms of general activities, so far as public liability insurance is concerned, there are no upper age restrictions.  Insurers do expect, however, that the insured will assess the risks for everything its volunteers, employees, members and other supporters do - and take into account the nature of the activity involved and its suitability for people of different levels of fitness, experience and ability, etc.

Older People using Plant and Machinery
There are no specific restrictions imposed by insurers as to the maximum age that anyone can take part on work parties or operate motorised equipment.  However, insurers would expect that the risks associated with anyone who is less than fully fit and able are taken into account in the preparation of risk assessments, and where such there is a substantial risk that a person’s advanced age or limited physical or mental abilities could cause either a danger to themselves or to others, or loss or damage of property, then that activity should not be undertaken by such a person.  The exact line is left for the insured to judge, on the basis that those on the ground are best placed to assess the risks. 

Restrictions imposed by DVLA and medical professionals
Where restrictions have been imposed by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, or by medical professionals, in respect of the operation of vehicles on the public highway, then insurers would not expect such people to operate motorised plant and machinery on work sites either.  In such circumstances, if there are grounds for an exception to made, then this must be specifically agreed with insurers.

Personal Accident Insurance
Payments under the Personal Accident cover are limited to those aged over 16 and under 75 at the time of the accident.  This is, however, a very restricted cover and should not be used as a deterrent to older volunteers