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News: New Allergen Laws

You may have heard in the news that the rules on food allergen labelling changed on December 13th 2014. From now all food service organisations serving unpackaged food or food that is packaged on site for immediate consumption, will have to supply details of the menu items that contain the EU Top14 allergens within the dishes they serve. It’s good news for consumers, as these changes will provide allergen information in a clearer and more consistent way – making it easier to make safer food choices when buying food or eating out.

EU Top 14 allergens:

Cereal containing gluten                  Nuts
Crustaceans               Celery
Eggs            Mustard
Fish             Sesame
Peanuts Sulphur Dioxide
Soybeans                 Lupin
Milk            Molluscs

So how does this effect cooking on our Canal Camps?

We are already doing what we should be. People who suffer from allergies must bring these allergies to our attention on their booking form and then the camp cook should discuss said allergy with the volunteer before or at the beginning of the camp. Cooks should then be aware of what ingredients are in the food that they are serving.

Unsure about Allergens?

Allergies can be a scary concept to a cook and if you haven't got the allergy personally then it can be difficult to cater for especially when cooking for 17 other volunteers. If you are interested in doing a course please contact Amber at Head Office or visit the Food Allergy's online training website which offers a free course.

Learn more about the new rules on allergens.

Click to download the Cooks Guidance Notes with include helpful hints, information, tips for first time cooks.