Catering Resources

Below you will find all the Catering Resources you need to run a successful camp kitchen.

The paperwork that Head Office needs back at the end of your camp:

These are not daunting and will be sent out to the leader  or will be in the Cooks Folder when you get to the camp. You can send them back to Head Office with the Site Paperwork.

  • Basic Food Hygiene Version 1.2
  • CF002 Chopping Board Colours
  • CF003 Food Hygiene Checklist
  • CF004 Kitchen Cleaning Schedule & Checklist
  • CF006 Dietary Checklist
  • CF008 Fridge Temperature Check
  • CF003a Shelf Life Coding
  • If you have any questions about the paperwork just ask your leader.

    These are helpful guidelines from working in the kitchen to allergy advice:

  • Catering Premises
  • Food Equipment Purchase
  • Food Hygiene
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Serving of Food
  • Allergens
  • Transportation of Food
  • Fridges & Freezers

    Useful Links

  • Safer Food Better Business
  • Food Standards Agency Website
  • Tasty Recipes

    Harri B's Famous Chocolate Pudding
    400g butter/baking marg
    400g granulated sugar
    8 eggs
    750g self raising flour
    8 tbsp cocoa (about half a tin)
    1l hot water
    250g brown sugar
    10 tbsp cocoa (about half a tin)


    Beat together butter and sugar. Add eggs one at a time, with a spoonful of flour if it starts to curdle.
    Fold in flour and first batch of cocoa. Loosen with milk if mixture is too stiff.
    Spread in tin.
    Mix water, brown sugar and cocoa together and pour over.
    Bake 45-60 minutes, gas 4/160C.

    Serve hot with Vanilla Ice Cream