Cook's Corner

I know this is cheesy but cooking on a Canal Camp can be a grate experience!

If you can cook for 4, you can cook for 20 – its all a matter of multiplication! Cooking for 16 hungry volunteers doesn't have to be a daunting task and these pages give you information on how to make it a fun & rewarding experience ... especially if you feed volunteers lots of cakes!

This section of the website contains useful paperwork and downloads for WRG Cooks.

Hints for Cooks: Tips for the first time cook and how to make the best out of your Kitchen 
Cooks Resources: Paperwork you need to fill on camp and useful food hygiene information
Recipe Section: Struggling for ideas? Check out some tried and tested, tasty recipes from our regular camp cooks
A Cooks routine: There seem to be more ways of tackling the role of the cook than there are cooks themselves. Lets hear how some of WRG's regular cooks handle things in the kitchen.

Are you a Camp short of a Cook? Click here for some handy tips on how to cope without a cook.

You can also contact Jenny at Head Office for list of possible cooks

Do you have any other catering queries? If so contact Harri Barnes.

We knead you!

This year we have 35 Canal Camps in 2017 planned across England and Wales. Click here to see which camps need cooks! 

Click to download the
Cooks Guidance Notes with include helpful hints, information, tips for first time cooks.

Want to know more before you volunteer? Just call or email Jen at WRG Head Office for a chat.

01494 783 453 ext 604