Helpful hints for cooks

Are you cooking on a camp for the first time? Have you wondered how Camp Cooks manage to create wholesome tasty dishes for 20 people and a small oven? Have a look at our Hints for the First Time Cook section – go on, its not as hard as it looks! 

We have also put together some General Tips for you to get stuck into on how to maximise your oven space, food tips and how to serve on time.

This is for the leader do you keep your cook happy? We are always saying that they are one of the most important people on your camp, we aren't lying, so you've got to keep them happy. But how do you do this?
Things that make a cook’s life easier (they are more likely to come back next time if you do)

Below are some useful sites to help you with cooking from tasty recipes to interesting articles to cooking for allergies or specific diets there are a number of handy hints and tips.

BBC Food Site: handy for recipes (search by ingredient, course etc) and sometimes has interesting articles on seasonal and regional cooking and special diets

Baking for vegans - ideas if your camp has a vegan volunteer

Delia: nearly all her recipes; some instructions on basic techniques

Food Standards Agency: information on food hygeine

British Nutrition Foundation: general guidance on nutrition and some stuff about special diets

Suggestions on portion size - calculates for up to 10 adults, but could easily double quantites/add together

Handy conversion chart for US cup measurements

Click to download the Cooks Guidance Notes with include helpful hints, information, tips for first time cooks.

Handy Recipe Pages