Tackling the role of Camp Cook - We hear from some of our regulars

There are many ways to cooking on camp, and it can be a daunting task feeding 18 hungry people, who all have different tastes, wants and needs. What you'll read below is not the right or the wrong way, it's just how some of our regulars like to do it. Some cooks like to spend the whole time in the accommodation and some enjoy getting on site as well as feeding people. Its up to you, but below could be some handy tips to help you in the kitchen:

Lets hear what our Cooks have to say...

Helen Gardner

Maria Hearnden

Di Smurthwaite

Anne Lilliman

Paul Ireson

For more on cooking on a camp read Navvies 268 & 269

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Cooks Guidance Notes with include helpful hints, information, tips for first time cooks.

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