What to do if you haven’t got a cook

Get some recipe cards made up in advance (some ideas on H&S CD: complete shopping list and instructions for an evening meal) with quantities already adjusted to suit your camp;

  • Remember to allow for veggies
  • Aim for a varied menu but don’t be too adventurous!

Most people have one dish they can cook which is suitable for large numbers (e.g. spaghetti bolognese, chilli con carne, curry) – try to make use of what skills you have on your camp, though they will need some advice on multiplying quantities (for which see quantites multiplier/recommended amounts)

You will have to shop during the week: there is not enough storage space for a week’s worth of meat and bread in the camps freezer unless you have a camp of 12 or fewer.

You could get in vast quantities of many non-perishables at the beginning of the week (tins, most fruit and veg, biscuits, crisps etc), but stock control is easier if you shop regularly

So work out how you’re going to do it: depends how near the supermarket is, what it’s opening hours are (24 hour ones are brilliant in this situation, but remember early closing on Sundays and bank holidays); and how you are going to pay for it (i.e. do you need to give someone cash if you’re not there yourself?)

The first shop in particular always takes longer than you think; if you can find someone to come along to do just the Saturday shop and evening meal, that will make your life a lot easier

Domestic Day
Consider getting campers to sign up for a ‘domestic’ day in groups of 2 or 3, where they do all the accom stuff: cook breakfast, make lunch, tidy/clean, shop (divide them up with one driver with transport, or you/your assistant could take them in combination with picking up/delivering lunch) and make dinner (but have other volunteers to do the evening washing up!)

Other Hints
Go out for fish & chips one night; have a BBQ another (easy if you keep it simple with burgers and sausages, bought salads etc)

Ready made puddings can work out pretty good value e.g. cheesecakes/gateaux on 3 for 2 offers in the freezer section (remember to defrost in time to eat...); choc ices; fruit pies/strudel; instant custard is fool proof – if you read the instructions!

Read the info on food allergies and food hygiene here

Click to download the Cooks Guidance Notes with include helpful hints, information, tips for first time cooks.


Useful Signs
Beast of the Food Box!
Kitchen Site Clothing Sign
Chopping Board Colours