Name: Andy Ramsay
WRG Volunteer Since: 2010

When did you first get involved with WRG?

I got involved with wrg in 2010

How did you get involved with cooking on Canal Camps?

Quite by accident

What do you enjoy most about the experience?

Providing quality food on a budget to a wide range of individuals with a range of diets. It's great to know that I must do a good job as people keep on asking me back.

What 1 piece of advise would you give to someone who wants to get involved with leading/assisting or cooking?

If you have to cater for a special diet try it first at home

Every year our Leaders and Assistants help over 1,000 volunteers enjoy a working holiday while gaining new skills and putting something back into our environment and heritage.

Want to learn more about being a Canal Camp cook? Visit out cooks pages to find out more!

Want to know more? Contact the WRG Leadership Team for details  on how to get involved ... Or call Jen or Amber at WRG Head Office for a chat – 01494 783 453 ext 604.

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"I get so much satisfaction leading camps - seeing new volunteers start at the beginning of the week knowing no one and leaving with new friends and skills at the end! It's awesome" Becky Parr, Leader 2014