Name: Anne Lillman
Occupation: Payroll Administrator
WRG Volunteer since: 2010

When did you first get involved with WRG?

I started to dig with KESCRG in 2010 after I had completed my Foundation Degree in Payroll Management. My first WRG camp was in 2011 at Eisey. The leader was Digger Morris and assistant leader Kate Penn and cook Eli Mathieson. I helped with the haunching behind the coping stones, with a girl doing her Duke of Edinburgh Award.  It was very hot weather and one evening we went for a swim at an open air swimming pool. I remember that there was a vote for an evening meal, fish pie against meatballs , the fish pie won the vote.

How did you get involved with cooking on Canal Camps?

I became involved with cooking on the WRG Camp 2013 on the Wendover Arm. The cooks Nina and Michael had to leave on Thursday morning so I volunteered to cook the evening meal. Liz Williamson and I shared the preparation of the barbecue    on the Friday night. I volunteered to cook on 2014 camps but was unable to cook for a whole week. I was cook at the start of the Brimscombe Port Camp on August Bank holiday weekend 2014. This was really exciting as every day the number of volunteers changed as  there was a Festival at Saul, and a weekend camp at Weymoor Bridge. There were never less than 30 people to cook for and  I had to include various allergies, likes and dislikes within my meal plans.

What do you enjoy most about the experience?

It is very satisfying to see volunteers eating and enjoying the food that I have prepared for them. I enjoyed the cameraderie of being part of a team of volunteers. It was great to be updated on the progress of the site and each volunteers part in the progress. I also had a different helper every day and enjoyed teaching them new cooking skills.

What 1 piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to get involved with leading/assisting or cooking?

The piece of advice I would give to someone who wants to get involved with leading/assisting or cooking is preparation and planning make all the difference. You are part of a team, you are not alone.

Every year our Leaders and Assistants help over 1,000 volunteers enjoy a working holiday while gaining new skills and putting something back into our environment and heritage.

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"I get so much satisfaction leading camps - seeing new volunteers start at the beginning of the week knowing no one and leaving with new friends and skills at the end! It's awesome" Becky Parr, Leader 2014