Got the t-shirt ...

So you’ve got the t-shirt, you now appreciate the art of pointing… and more importantly you understand the importance of remembering the milk! But have you considered getting more involved?

"Leading a WRG camp is so rewarding - finishing a job, mixing and working with a group of people, making friends." Colin Hobbs, Leader 2018

Why volunteer … what’s in it for you?

As a Canal Camp leader, assistant or cook you can:

  • Meet new people from a wide range of backgrounds and ages
  • Gain new,  transferable skills which makes your CV stand out
  • Have fun, enjoyable and FREE holiday
  • Become a vital member of the WRGie team!

We are looking to recruit the next batch of volunteer leaders, assistants and cooks for their forthcoming summer of canal restoration. WRG’s leadership teams are responsible for making sure each canal camp is a fun-filled, enjoyable experience – they run the canal restoration site, organising social activities in the evenings, and ensure that everyone is still smiling by the end of the week!

This year we have 23 Canal Camps planned so this means we need to find around 80 volunteers to lead and feed the canal navvies of 2019! So what’s involved ...

As a leader or assistant you need to be able to give up a week, have some experience of Canal Camps, and most of all be willing to look after 18 wonderful volunteers! Your main role is to ensure that WRG Canal Camps are a fun, well planned and safe experiences. Yes there’s some paperwork to be done prior to the camp but remember you aren’t alone – you will have support from the WRG Head Office Team and WRG Board. We also run a Leaders Training Day [18th May at Rowington Village Hall] so that leaders and assistants can get together and discuss all the different aspects of leading a camp ... you also need to make sure the cook is happy!

Every year our Leaders and Assistants help over 1,000 volunteers enjoy a working holiday while gaining new skills and putting something back into our environment and heritage.

Want to know more? Contact the WRG Leadership Team for details  on how to get involved ... Or call Alex or Jen at WRG Head Office for a chat – 01494 783 453 ext 604.

Click here to see where we need leaders in 2019!

"I get so much satisfaction leading camps - seeing new volunteers start at the beginning of the week knowing no one and leaving with new friends and skills at the end! It's awesome" Becky Parr, Assistant Leader 2018