Claiming Expenses

WRG works on the simple principle - WRG's Leadership Teams should not be out of pocket when helping organise and run Canal Camps. 

If as part of the WRG Leadership Team you have had to spend money that you otherwise wouldn’t, it’s an expense. For example Leadership Teams may claim travel expenses, including mileage (at a rate of up to 33p per mile) for travel between your home and the camp or for the site visit, as well as additional phone costs associated with the camp. All expenses must be submitted on an expenses form, with receipts attached.

How to Claim Expenses

  • All expenses should be claimed on an appropriate and current Expenses Claim Form.  Printed and electronic copies are available from WRG Head Office.  

  • Evidence of expenditure should be supplied with each claim i.e. a receipt. VAT law requires that reclaim of VAT is only permissible provided that a VAT receipt or invoice is produced (with certain exceptions, such as where it is not practicable to obtain a receipt –e.g. from coin vending machines for London Underground tickets and some car park ticket machines).  A VAT receipt shows the VAT registration number of the issuer and the rate or amount of VAT paid.

  • Claims for expenses should be submitted regularly, preferably at not more than two months after the Canal Camp.  WRG Head Office has no authority to pay claims submitted later than six months after they have been incurred, or after 31st January for an expense incurred during the previous financial year.

  • The preferred method of payment is via an electronic transfer direct to the claimant’s bank account. Unless you are certain that bank details are held at Head Office, you should supply these details with the expense claim.  Cheques are only issued in the most exceptional of circumstances.

Travel by Public Transport
Travel on public transport should always be booked as far in advance as possible in order to take advantage of the maximum range of discounts. 

WRG Vans
When reclaiming fuels for WRG's vans the exact costs for fuel and other expenses should be claimed, supported by appropriate receipts and details of the exact vehicle concerned. 

Travel with Own Car
Where you use your own car i.e. for the site visit, a trip to the shops to buy food for the camp, WRG will reimburse expenses at a rate of up to 33p per mile. The easiest way to do this is make sure your car is full before you start your journey, then fill up at the end of the journey and send us the receipt! Where mileage is claimed, the claim form should be accompanied by VAT receipts covering at least the fuel element.
[We advise all volunteers to inform their insurers if they use their car for any WRG volunteering activities, including travel from home to the place of volunteering.]

Don't have free minutes and just spent 3 hours calling around all your Canal Camp volunteers? You can claim this back. Evidence of expenditure on communications by post, telephone, mobile telephone and electronic methods should be submitted in the same manner as for other expenditure.  Where the cost of telephone calls, post or similar exceeds £25 in any one claim, an annotated itemised bill or other written evidence supporting the purpose of such communication should also accompany the claim.

WRG Expenses Claim Form(Excel)
WRG Expenses Claim Form (Pdf)

IWA's Guidance on Claiming Expenses

Please send signed expenses form and receipts to WRG, Island House, Moor Road, Chesham, HP5 1WA