How to Organise a Weekend Dig

The suggested checklist below will hopefully encourage more people to feel confident about volunteering to be weekend organiser.

First Steps

  • Get hold of the host society co-ordinator contact details 
  • Make sure the work has been approved by Head Office. The host society may have already had their project plan approved but remember to check and if not you may need to write risk assessments & method statements for the weekend. 
  • Check what / where the accommodation is and the key arrangements?
  • Where is the nearest public transport, supermarket, pub for meeting on Friday night
  • What is the purpose of the weekend - i.e. what is the site job list?
  • How many people do you need for the weekend? what skills mix? (machine drivers, chainsaw operator, brickies, etc)
  • What tools do we need to bring in the van?
  • Are we catering for ourselves?
  • Do we expect local support to run the site or do we need a site leader?
  • Is there a wet weather plan?
  • Pre dig ring around / email to get rough numbers
  • Who will be driving the minibus?

Prior to the dig:

  • Final ring around / email a few days before the dig to confirm numbers
  • How are people getting there? Need to pass numbers onto the minibus driver, arrange public transport pick-ups
  • Thoughts about what to cook on Saturday evening- meat eaters / veggies
  • Organise for the shopping to be done, based on £6-£8 per head for the full weekend (usually done on the Friday but may be done on Saturday as long as you have brought enough for breakfast-and also evening Toast!!!!
  • If you have more / less numbers than you think you have work for, check with the locals or dig deep co-ordinator as you may need to alter the work / catering accordingly
  • Organise for the First aid kit to be checked

On the weekend:

  • Collect the key and meet people at the accommodation / pub
  • Liase with the site leader to make sure everyone knows what they are doing, where, and when - this will give you an idea for meal times
  • Organise for someone to do meals
  • Saturday night collect monies owed for food (£1 for breakfast, £1 for lunch, £2 for evening meal) plus minibus fuel, any extra after the receipts.
  • Any items purchased for the local society / hired should be reimbursed
  • Decide what packing up is needed on Sunday
  • Make sure kit is cleaned 

And finally....

  • Write a dig report!