Leaders Resources 2019

Thank you for volunteering to run a Waterway Recovery Group Canal Camp.

This section of the website contains a collection of useful documents, best practice ideas and links for leaders of Waterway Recovery Group camps and weekends.

The most important document to read first is WRG's Leaders Guidance Notes.

It gives you a good background to what is involved and who to contact if you need help. If you are organising your first dig/canal then these two documents are also worth reading. Canal Camps Timeline and the London WRG weekend guide.

Health & Safety

Health & safety is of prime importance on any work site. WRG Canal Camps have an excellent safety record. Click here for information on risk assessments, planning and other health and safety issues. Click here for more general Canal Camp paperwork.

Cooks Corner 

Cooking for 16 hungry volunteers can be a daunting task but this part of the site gives you information on how to make it a fun & rewarding experience. For recipe ideas, catering resources, hints for cooks and more click here. Click here to find out how to survive without a cook!

Site Visits ... beyond the site

Site: Going on a Site Visit before your Canal Camp can be a daunting experience. To help we have provided you with 3 helpful check lists for when you visit the surrounding area and work site

Accommodation: What to look for when carrying out your accommodation site visit. Click here for a useful checklist! WRG Accommodation Maps

Make sure you plan evening entertainment for your volunteers ... you don't always have to go down the pub! You can go to the cinema, bowling, or even a boat trip during the week. For more information click here.