Site Visits

Going on a Site Visit before your Canal Camp can be a daunting experience. To help we have provided you with 3 helpful check lists for when you visit the accommodation, surrounding area and work site.

A full version of the Canal Camp Site Questionnaire can be downloaded here.

Accommodation - Things to Consider

Address, Postcode and directions to the Accommodation
Confirm it is booked for the week including end Saturday. Time of access on first day
Location of key collection & drop off
Telephone number of caretaker, responsible person
Other users of the hall
Sensitivity of neighbours
Car park constraints
Rubbish liners provided? Bin Days/ Recycling?
Alarms details/codes
Boiler/ hot water information
Layout of hall: Sleeping area, seperate eating/social areas/ room for dogs/caravans/tents?
Wash room: basins and mirrors
Toilets: Disabled, WC's, Urinals. Drainage - mains or septic or cesspool
Showers - location, opening times, procedure, directions
Kitchen: Size, cooker type, cook size, ease of use, fridge & freezer size, power outlets, locations of WRG fridge/freezer/burco/toaster
Location for safety video
Outside Tap, Fuse box information, Gas Tap
Power for charing phones/laptops
Fire exits - check they open! Fire equipment in date and supplied
Mobile phone signal?
BBQ Facilities/ Limitations
Nearest pub
Nearest Chippy/Chinese/Indian
Sign post locations
Location of bus & train station
Nearest garage
Nearest 24/7 shop
Doctors details
Hospital details
Dentist details
Play area for ball games etc
Police details
Fire details - smoke alarms

Places to go - Things to consider

A full version of the Canal Camp Site Questionnaire can be downloaded here.