WRG Wear F.A.Q.s

Q: Can I return an item if I don't like the colour or it's the wrong size?
A: Since goods have been ordered especially we'd prefer it if goods weren't returned but we can always try to sell unwanted items.

Q: Agghhh! It's been 5 weeks and my t-shirt hasn't arrived?
A: Contact WRG Wear to find out if your order actually arrived, and then we can investigate to see if the email made it through to Jancraft, whether it's been sent off or whether it's been lost in the post.

Q: Why is my t-shirt a slightly different colour from my friends?
A: Jancraft occasionally order the "un-logoed" clothing from different companies in order to keep the cost down, this means colour or texture may vary very slightly from one item to another.

Q: Why don't you do item X?
A: Maybe we can't source the item or it's too expensive or maybe we've not thought of it - drop us and email and we'll look into it.

Q: Can I order WRG Wear from abroad?
A: Yes you can - the postage will be higher than the prices quoted so please contact WRG Wear to get an updated price.

Q: Can I order a combination of logos that's not in the catalogue?
A: Send an email to enquiries@wrg.org.uk with your request and we'll do our best.

Q: I've got a question you haven't answered.
A: Email it to WRG Wear, it'll be answered and might well be posted on this page.