About IWA

The Inland Waterways Association is a membership charity that works to protect and restore the country's 6,500 miles of canals and navigable rivers. 

IWA is a democratic organisation that campaigns locally and nationally on behalf of its members for all waterways users as well as actively supporting waterway restoration. Find out more.

Find out about our Mission, Vision and Purpose

IWA campaigns for the use, maintenance and restoration of Britain's inland waterways. Find out more about what IWA campaigns for. See also our current campaigns.

Find out about the groups of people that help run the Association and its campaigning activities. Meet the team.

Find out how the constituent parts of IWA fit together including an organisation structure chart

IWA has policy documents on various issues affecting the waterways such as continuous cruising, freight and the use of towpaths. Read IWA's policies.


Current Campaigns

IWA often undertakes national and local campaigns to work on specific issues that have or may in the future have a real impact on our inland waterways. Find out more about our current campaigns.

Waterway News

Take a look at IWA and other waterway news. See also IWA press releases.


IWA now has a blog which includes features on volunteers, their activities and more! Take a look at the IWA blog.


IWA publishes its members magazine, Waterways, four times a year. IWA's local regions and branches also publish regular newsletters. Take a look at the branch and region newsletters. IWA's Waterway Recovery Group also publishes its Navvies magazine six times a year.


As well as the printed publications, IWA sends out a regular Bulletin newsletter. Sign up to recieve the Bulletin newsletter.