Introduction to Boating

The presence of boats is what makes navigable waterways distinctive and attractive to a wide range of users.

This section provides a resource for new and experienced boaters.

Route Planning - Including tips on choosing your route, calculating lock-miles, cruising distances and times, stoppages and a canal and river map

Holiday Hiring - Including a brief history of holiday hiring, hiring a boat today, IWA and early hire boat operators, hiring overseas and Hire Boat Handovers

On Board Systems - Gas; Liquid fuels; Water; Toilets; Bilge water; Navigation lights and signals

Safety on Your Boat - Including information on the Boat Safety Scheme; Carbon Monoxide Safety; Boating Hazards Checklist, avoiding getting hung on a lock cill

Navigating Your Boat - This section contains information and advice on navigating a boat including Boater's Handbook; Safe and Friendly Canal Cruising; Boating Courses; Operating Locks; Operating Moveable Bridges; Tunnels; Passing Anglers and Using VHF Radio

Buying a Boat - As with any purchase, the more research you do, the more likely you are to make the right decision.

Living Afloat  - Some things to consider include types of boat, whether you want to continuously cruise the network or have a permanent residence. You will need to think about finding a mooring and boat maintenance.

Introduction to Boating

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