Canoeing & Paddleboarding

Coronavirus - Covid19 upate: The Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation remains open and Essex Waterways has not imposed any additional restrictions beyond those put in place by Government. Canoeists are reminded that any activity must be fully in accordance with the Government’s restrictions including social distancing.  Canoe licences are obtainable on line, either annually or for single day use, or by telephone from Sarah Phillips, Administrative Assistant (01245 226245).

Canoeists and Paddleboarders are welcome on the Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation, which is popular with clubs, youth groups and individuals. Although the Upper Chelmer is mentioned in British Canoeing's guide, this does not include the Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation, for which a separate licence must be obtained.  There is usually no objection to canoeists or paddleboarders using the backwaters, except at Hoe Mill and Rickett’s locks, which are particularly sensitive fishing areas. In all areas mutual respect between different river users should apply.  Canoeists and paddleboarders must not pass through locks and should treat weirs and weir stream currents with care, and together with all boaters should be aware of the increased risks during periods of high water levels.

Licences cost £5.00 for a single day or £35 per annum, and further discounts for ten or more canoes or paddleboards registering together.  See the Schedule of charges (See Registration of Craft Not Requiring Moorings or Use of Locks - Non Powered Craft). 

There is canoe, kayak and dinghy storage available for an annual charge of £80.00.

See Visitor Information for details of local car parking.