IWA Lee & Stort Branch News

Branch AGM held on 13th March

Minutes of the AGM may be down loaded here. George Cutting has joined the Committee as he organises the Stortford Carnival Cruise.

Stortford Carnival Cruise

The Branch Committee are again working with Waterspace Stortford to promote a boaters' gathering timed to coincide with Bishop's Stortford Carnival Day:

Stortford Carnival Cruise 2017

Book your place online here.

Water level on River Lee

The April Branch Meeting was a presentation by Feargal Sharkey, Archivist and Chair of Amwell Magna Fishery.  They own the Old River Lee from the weir at Tumbling Bay to Stanstead Abbotts, a distance of about two miles.  The Fishery is the oldest in the country, having been founded in 1831, and its membership has always been small but containing influential people.

 Sharkey has led a team lobbying Thames Water, who extract water into New River between Hertford and Ware, and the Environmental Agency and because the Lee has been short of water.  He summarised the discussions that had taken place and presented data showing the historic low level that flow down the River and Navigation is now at.

 IWA and the Fishery have a common interest in maintaining water flow and it was agreed that we would keep in touch as his discussions progress.