Silver Propeller Challenge

Exploring the far-flung reaches of the network just got even more rewarding

Your challenge, should you choose to accept, is to visit as many of the nation’s underused waterways as you can. Why? You’ll not only get to visit some stunning, yet quieter, parts of the network, but you’ll also be in with a chance of receiving IWA’s new Silver Propeller Challenge plaque.

Find out more about why IWA is running this challenge.

Taking part

Getting involved couldn’t be simpler.

Visit 20 different places on our list, take a photograph of you and your mode of transport (any type of boat, canoe or paddleboard) at each location, and save all your photos to submit once you’re done. Just ensure your pictures make the location easy to identify.

Everyone who completes the challenge will receive a Silver Propeller Challenge plaque to attach to their vessel. The challenge opened on 1st January 2018 and covers all visits from that date onwards – your snaps from the 1980s, or even last year, won’t be counted. We want to see evidence of these waterways being used today.

Where to go?

Tick 20 or more of the locations off the list to receive your Silver Propeller Challenge plaque.  See list of locations in the Silver Propeller Challenge.

Photo-top: Ripon Basin, Ripon Canal. Photo by John Lower.


We’d love to hear from you while you’re on the way to meeting the challenge. You can post your pictures to our UK waterways Flickr group, or tag your images on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with #silverpropeller.

Completed the Challenge?

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