River Ancholme

The River Ancholme Navigation runs from the Humber Estuary at Ferriby Sluice, near South Ferriby, to its terminus at Bishopbridge 19 miles (30.4 km) upstream.  There are two locks (Ferriby Sluice and Harlam Hill Lock) and an additional navigable loop in the river to the small town of Brigg.

The maximum size boat that can navigate throughout the Navigation is:
length: 69' 0" (21.03 metres) - Harlam Hil Lock
beam: 16' 0" (4.88 metres) - Harlam Hill Lock
height: 11' 0" (3.29 metres)
draught: 4' 11" (1.5 metres)

Ferriby Sluice lock can accommodate boats 80' (24.37 metres) x 19' (5.78 metres).  This tidal lock is operated by a lockkeeper (Tel: 01652 635219 - VHF Channel 74).


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